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Letter from Bill

I was fortunate to grow up in a family that enjoyed sharing what happened in our daily lives, discussing world events and finance around the dinner table. Learning the difference between saving and investing as well as understanding the value of needs verse wants at a young age was beneficial. My wife, Deanna and I continued that tradition as we began raising our family. We wanted to engage our children similarly as topics such as money management, investing, and taxation is rarely taught in school. 

My Father was a pioneer in the field of financial planning.  He was one of the first financial advisors educating the greater DFW Metroplex on KLIF-AM and WBAP-AM radio station airwaves every Saturday morning.  Listening to him and his partner educate individual callers with their financial questions and concerns confirmed that I would follow in their footsteps where I could build relationships and help people improve their financial lives. For almost forty years and counting, I have great satisfaction knowing that our experience, expertise and longevity of 3 generations of family advisors would consistently strengthen our firm and continue to carry out the goals and dreams of our clients.  

By utilizing best practices and truly listening to each client, we have been able to keep personal goals on track from one generation to the next.  Through our experience over multiple market cycles, continual regulation & tax law changes, we have helped clients stay on a consistent, conservative path in reaching their goals. We feel privileged to have earned the opportunity to work with so many successful people who have allowed us to share our knowledge to improve their financial lives. It is immensely rewarding to have a positive impact on retirement planning and estate planning helping bridge the wealth within loving family members. We’ve worked together to educate families, insure and protect loved ones, plan for college educations, weddings, retirement, and building dream homes. Helping retirement dreams come true, and being able to assist family members in continuing the promise after the loss of a family member and to maintain consistency within their finances is all important.  Financial planning incorporates the cycle of life.

We are very fortunate to be supported by a wonderful team who are passionate about helping our clients. We are all working in unison to make sure that your financial and estate planning goals are met in this wonderful ride called life.

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